How to Find High-Quality Free Images for Blog Posts

When we have such a significant number of sources to get copyrights free images for blog then why try utilizing copyrighted pictures that can make inconveniences for us later on. Truly, we can utilize free pictures for any of our own or business venture without giving any credit or attribution to the first maker. A lot of people ask me about the pictures containing copyrights that they find on Google search. I accepted this open door to make a video tutorial on this point in Urdu/Hindi, and clarify as much as I can.

How Copyrights Free Images Work:

Thanks to a few content creators who have publicly given access to their work to be utilized by potential seekers but to be on the safe side, brace yourself already for receiving any copyright infringement letters, say a big NO-NO to free images whatever your search engine shows.

Keep your eyes wide open before browsing images online. However, you can identify royalty-free images in a blink if you notice a few things.

  • Watermark: if any image shows watermark, that image is protected. You can’t access that without seeking permission from the owner.
  • DOUBLE CHECK: make sure you double-check about the image’s location and details for whatever you are opting for. This is the secret hack:
  • EASY PEASY HACK: just directly ask from the authoritative person and be at ease.

How to Find Copyright Free Images for your Blogs:

Now your understanding about the copyright content and its usage is pretty clear. Perfect! To make it a bit more accessible I’m enlisting a few cites from where you can get access to select copyright images which doesn’t seek for owner’s approval since their images are licensed free. Watch this video tutorial carefully in Urdu/hindi, hope it helps.


I know you seek variety, oh yes, you do. Pexels daily adds 100+ new images in their stock to widen their range of variety, say what! It offers different sizes of images and similar suggestions of your interest as well, all for free! Want to utilize the images? Go for it! Want to take inspirations? Your choice.

Negative Space:

Looking to satisfy your aesthetics? Here you go! Check out Negative space and enjoy the free access to the widest range of the picture, sounds cool? I know right! To your surprise, on this site photographer posts their work from different genres/cultures/region. That’s something actually amazing. All those work by maestros are free to use and who doesn’t like going for options when there are already in thousands.


Do you want to make your social media/blog’s content eye-catching? You wouldn’t mind exploring pixabay which offers millions of themes, images, illustrations along with easy search engine to be friendlier in your findings.


Along with the free images, one favorable position of utilizing Canva is that you can rapidly transform a picture into a custom realistic to use via web-based networking media or your blog.


You can discover pictures that can be utilized and adjusted for business purposes. Select “Business use and mods permitted” under the “Any permit” channel to discover those pictures, and make sure to check the permission for each.

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