How YouTube Copyright Process Works? Urdu/Hindi

Just like blogs & websites, you can report videos to YouTube if they are violating your copyrights. The process is very fast and 100% transparent for the entire YouTube community. Our channel recently came across a lot of other channels who had re-uploaded my video tutorials without our knowledge, so we instantly reported all of them to YouTube and YT took very quick actions to remove all the videos from their platform, while some of the channels entirely got lost or got disabled by YouTube.

Therefore, we thought to record a video tutorial in Urdu and let you know about this whole process and the importance of copyrights once again, because we earlier shared a guide & video tutorial in Urdu regarding online copyright issues. So let’s move on to the topic and gain some knowledge today.

What’s Copyright or YouTube copyrights?

The term copyright = the rights of thing which are created by someone, he/she has all the rights of that particular thing which they have created, and the copy means that without their permission the thing can not be copied, can not be distributed and can not be re-sold. If we go clearer, we can say, the whole rights of that thing is protected by laws in general. The person can register that thing with an organization either online or offline to make more strong claims if someone violates his/her copyrights in the future.

So the same is for YouTube, when someone uploads a video/clip that person has all the copyrights for that thing until someone reports it to YouTube, if you upload a video to Youtube, you have all the copyrights of that video until someone reports you to YouTube, because others can claim copyrights for that video if they think it was their property and you uploaded it illegally. However, if you have created a thing/video originally by you then no one can dare to report you. Furthermore, if you have included music or images in your video which has copyrights either, then the owner of that music/sounds or images can report you to YouTube because all the stuff uploaded to YouTube has to be closely investigated upon receiving a claim by a company or person.

Types of Content That can be reported to YouTube

There are three types of content which anyone can report to YouTube if they have copyrights of that content, but everyone who is going to report any type of content to YouTube has to make sure they are the actual owners and will not make false claims, otherwise YouTube takes legal action against the false claimants including account termination. Type of content which can be reported to youtube are here:

  • The entire or some parts of the video
  • The music/audio used in the video
  • Any logo or images used in the video

When you find a video violating your copyrights, you can simply use the “Flag” option appearing below every YouTube video, just select the “Copyright infringement” option, and you’ll be redirected to its respective legal form in order to report that to YouTube, you’ll have to fill all the required filled with accurate information in order to submit a valid claim against a video.

Other YouTube tools to Report videos

The normal YouTube reporting process is to simply use this form and report an individual video to YouTube, while if you are a company or have a lot of requests to submit then you may use YouTube Content ID or Content Verification Program to send massive requests, while the Content ID automatically detects the content which is uploaded by others, and you are notified about this by this tool. You can remove a video using content ID or you can simply show your ads inside that video to earn money.

I have given you enough details about youTube copyright policy, but remember that never upload videos except you created them with full rights, otherwise, you’ll soon see a black day. Now watch this video in Urdu to understand it more deeply. The video is hosted on YouTube, so if you are watching from Pakistan then first open YouTube.

One thing more, if you have enabled Monetization for your videos on YouTube and the videos are other’s property then it’s sure, you’ll lose everything sooner or later, so better not to act illegally, create your own original content and upload that to YouTube in order to be always on the safe side. After watching the video, you are fully told what it is from the top to bottom.If you have questions then you may ask in the comment section, and do share this post with all of your friends to let them know about this important issue.