Learn SEO Meta Tags in Urdu

SEO is becoming the popular searched term on the internet and especially people search for increasing blog/site visitors. But SEO has unlimited options to use and also to use correctly. Google Mama always advises the webmasters to read their webmaster tools quality guidelines and terms. Ok, lets come to the topic. Today I am would tell you about SEO Meta Tags in Urdu, which is an important component of SEO.

Meta Tags are basically Special HTML tags which are used to describe the content of a web page or a website. They are being used by every webmaster to increase traffic for a blog. Meta Tags can be used on the main page as well as individually on single pages, but we just apply them on the main page because almost every platform has the single post description option, or they provide tools to write a description for each post. We can describe our site’s Keywords, Description & Author name by using meta tags and to tell search engines about our site’s content.

Learning SEO Meta Tags in Urdu

Meta Tags are used in HTML document just after starting <head> tag. and the syntax of using Meta Tags in HTML document is following:

<meta name=”description” content=”Your Blog Description Goes Here“>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Your Blogs Keywords Goes Here“>

the third meta tag is optional, because it is about the author of the webpage, but it is unnecessary. After including meta tags in Your blog or site, you will see a growth in Your site’s traffic very soon. Below article About SEO Meta Tags is in Urdu.

As I earlier mentioned that if you are using a platform like or WordPress then you can find the single post search description meta tag in your dashboard, also you can write the meta description and keywords for the home page as well. But what if you have only a static HTML & CSS website, so therefore, this is very easy to implement meta tags on all kind of websites. Stay Tuned and share this post with your friends.

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