On-Page SEO – Keyword Density-Prominence & Proximity (Urdu/Hindi)

This article & video tutorial in Urdu belongs to the same series which we started a few days ago on Search Engine Optimization in Urdu. Today, we’ll be learning about Keyword Density, Keyword Prominence & Keyword Proximity. Along with these three On-Page SEO elements, we’ll also learn the rest of the on-page SEO for an article or a single page which we try to optimize before publishing it on our website. Today’s tutorial gives you a very deep insight about on-Page SEO and the above mentioned three important SEO components for 2014. All you have to do is to follow this series till the end, and you’ll learn the important points to note before either doing SEO of your website or applying somewhere for an SEO job. Let’s get started.

What’s Keyword Density – Prominence & Proximity?

These all three SEO components are straight belonging to On-Page optimization, we should always take care of these three while optimizing & placing keywords in our articles. To be clearer on the above terms, let’s know about them below.

Keyword Density = The number of keywords you use in an article is called “Keyword Density”, the maximum keyword density you can put in an article is almost 3%, while if you keep your Keyword Density up to 2% that would be better for you and things will be balanced. Example:- if you have an article of 500 words, and your keyword is “SEO tips” then you can use “SEO Tips” 15 times in the entire article (maximum) but using it 10 times is better.

Keyword Prominence = The placements of the keywords in an article is called “Keyword Prominence”, There are many places you can show your keywords on the page so that search engines can discover them easily. Mostly the keyword is being shown in different places of the page; for example the title of the page, URL of the page, Meta description of the page, Keyword in the starting of the article, Keyword in headings i.e H1, H2 and you can also show your keyword in an Image using ALT attribute. So the earlier you show up your keyword, the more it will be better for you in terms of “Keyword Prominence”. However, make it balanced, and don’t do keyword stuffing which can destroy your blog/website within days.

Keyword Proximity = The distance between the exact words in a keyword is called “Keyword Proximity”, for example if a person searches for “How to create quality backlinks in 2014” and Google shows him this result “Quality Backlinks & how to create them?”, so in this scenario the exact keyword is “Create Quality Backlinks“, while in Google’s result there is a distance between the words “Quality Backlinks”And the word “Create“, so this is basically called “Keyword Proximity“, the closer the exact words are, the more it will be considered as high “Keyword Proximity” which is good and better. If all of the words are exactly next to each other that would mean 100% perfect Keyword Proximity, however, if one word is away from the others that would make it 80% perfect. And if there are three words as in the above example and all are far from one another then it would mean there is less than 50% keyword proximity, which is not good at all from search engine’s point of view.

I think it’s enough theory about these terms, if you are still confused about it then don’t worry, here is the video tutorial for it in Urdu & Hindi languages which will make you understand practically.

After watching the video in Urdu, we hope you’ve understood it easily. Those who have not watched the previous tutorials of this series can watch it from here:

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