SEO in Urdu/Hindi – Video Tutorials 2015 Updated

SEO or search engine optimization is something that has become everybody’s need who runs a website online or a blog. No matter, whether it’s a small business or large, SEO is very important for reaching your potential customers in a very natural & organic way. We’ve been teaching you SEO for last 3 years, and we’ll be keeping you updated in this regard in the future. We first created a complete Search Engine Optimization course in Urdu back in 2012, and you liked that very much. When Google released some new algorithms & updates we then created another updated & detailed SEO course in DVDs (2013) which is a package of 92 video lectures and describing each & everything in Urdu/Hindi. Our latest SEO course in 2013 was also appreciated by everyone and was purchased by more than 200 people so far, the feedback we received from the people who purchased that course is amazing, some of them got SEO jobs and others are running their own online businesses using their websites & blogs. We’re glad to know that people’s lives are changing just because of our efforts.

Now this time, we are coming up with another Advanced SEO course for 2014, this course is the same continuation of our previous series, but since many things have been changed & new terms have been introduced, so we thought to let you know about them via video tutorials in Urdu. This course will be published for free on this blog and will also be added to our (2013) SEO complete course. This course is a short course which will give you so many insights for SEO components you were confused about. Now you’ll get rid of your problems.

SEO Training in Urdu/Hindi 2014 Updated

In this updated SEO training series, you’ll be able to learn something special & advanced, because this time we’ll use deep analyses to expand our SEO work. However, we’ll be looking at the most hot & popular terms used in the SEO market now a days.

What you’ll actually be learning in this course is as following:

  1. The Introduction to New SEO course
  2. The Keyword Research Part (Very Important in 2014)
  3. Keyword Density
  4. Keyword Prominence
  5. Keyword Proximity
  6. Google Hummingbird (Whole New System for Google Search)
  7. Panda & Penguin (Google Spam Algorithms)
  8. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) or (Semantic Search)
  9. Domain & Page Authority
  10. Social Media Factors
  11. Google Authorship
  12. Alexa & Google Pagerank
  13. Creating Quality Backlinks
  14. Google Webmaster Tools
  15. Bing Webmaster Tools

So in the new SEO course, we’ll be learning all of the above mentioned components, and I’ll be posting the video tutorials on this blog one by one with other details. The first thing for you to learn is the “Introduction” of this course, so first of all kindly watch below video tutorial in Urdu to understand what we’re going to learn.

Video Introduction of SEO (YouTube)

In the above long video, I’ve tried to give you every information that I had in mind in order to understand the current SEO scenario, after this introduction video, the next part will be about “Keyword Research” and after Keyword research we’ll continue this course. However, we can learn more than explained in the above introduction, because sometimes I forget to explain things in the introduction part of my courses.What you need to do now? After watching the above introduction, if it was useful for you then kindly share it on social media with your friends on social media and secondly, ask your questions in the comment section if you have, so we can update this course according to your needs. Stay tuned and wish you all the best.