Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2018

Nowadays, most of people know well that PHP is simply a server-side scripting language which is used for creating dynamic and database-driven websites. With its current version 7.0 which was just recently released, PHP still has a lot to offer including the powerful Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) method. However, this might not be enough; therefore, you’ll find many PHP frameworks out there. So in this post, we will be sharing Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2018 which you can use to leverage your work-flow.

What’s a Framework?

framework which is built in a programming language is simply something that can be used and reused for small, medium and any scale of projects. The framework is basically a set of instructions given in a programming language to do certain or all tasks for a project. Frameworks can be created using any web programming language such as PHP, JavaScript or Python. There are also HTML 5 and CSS3 frameworks i.e Bootstrap. A framework helps the developer in saving a great amount of time and headache.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2018

PHP frameworks are very popular among the people who are working as PHP web developers these days. I’ve received so many requests for PHP frameworks training, but yet I’ve not managed it. However, I’ll manage to create training on frameworks very soon in the future. Now here, I’ll share the top 5 PHP frameworks with you which are mostly used to create CMS systems these days.

#1 – Laravel

Laravel is the #1 framework nowadays. It’s very useful in terms of testing the code and interesting features. It’ll save a huge amount of time for the developer and will produce an amazing result, go to to check their documentation and features. Laravel offers many features and advantages but a few are listed below:

  1. Restful routing that manages all the client/server routes easily and connects resources smoothly.
  2. A lightweight Blade Templating Engine that is powerfully driven by template inheritance of files having .blade.php extension. This comes under the View part of the robust MVC architecture of Laravel.
  3. Composer – An amazing tool that lets you manage your application’s third-party packages easily.
  4. Comes bundled with Eloquent – An ORM that offers a beautifully simple Active Record implementation to work with your databases and is relatively faster than all other PHP frameworks.
  5. Built-in unit testing and simply readable impressive syntax.
  6. Larger Community catering to thousands of programming geeks and application developers.
  7. Intelligently designed to offer incredible flexibility to developers that help them create each and everything from small sites to giant enterprise applications.
  8. Required skills – PHP and OOP knowledge Latest Stable Version – 4.1 Most Suited for – Experts Release Date – June 11, 2011 Licensed Under- MIT

#2 – Symfony

Another PHP framework is which is very popular in the community. Many of its features are used by Laravel which is listed above. And the popular Drupal (CMS) is also using Symfuny. Furthermore, it’s used by PhpBB forum which is not unknown. The Symfony is simply a set of reusable PHP components with a powerful foundation. The common tasks such as creating a form, templating, object configuration and routing authentication etc can easily be done with Symfony. Go to the official website to learn more about it.

#3 – Yii Framework

This one is more interesting, it’s a secure, fast and professional PHP framework as written on their home page. One of the best thing among these frameworks is that you can customize the code according to your requirements and project needs. All of these frameworks have one thing in common which is the MVC pattern. MVC (Model View Controller) is a pattern used for creating more organized web applications. And Yii framework also uses the same pattern. Yii Framework is much more faster than other frameworks mentioned here, and it’s purely created using PHP OOP with the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) concept. Go to their official website to learn more about it.

#4 – Codeigniter

You might be familiar with Codeigniter if you are a PHP developer or learning PHP. This is a 10 years old PHP framework firstly released in 2006. Codeigniter is simply amazing, it’s lightweight and very easy to use and learn. The size of the framework is just 2MB and you can straight download it from their official website for free. If you want to save time and money then simply give a try to Codeigniter. The official website is here:

#5 – CakePHP

CakePHP is also very old PHP framework, but amazingly it still works the best. Many popular companies such as BMW and Honda etc are using it. It’s popular for its top notch security features including Form Validation, SQL Injection prevention and XSS (Cross-site-scripting) attacks prevention. The current version is 3.2 and it’s up to date. Please go to their official website for documentation and guideline on how to use it:

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