How To Make Money By Making YouTube Videos

YouTube is not only the largest online video community but a whole world in its own. Being the second most visited website on the internet, YouTube garners around 1.9 billion login-in users per month. We all know how easy it is to earn money online these days but earning on a website, where five billion videos are being watched on a daily basis, sure seems like a big deal. 

For a fact, the most subscribed Youtuber with 96 million subscribers, PewDiePie earns close to 1 million dollars per month. Not only this but these YouTubers are considered more or less like celebrities. 

Despite all of this, an average YouTuber can make only about $0.5-2 per 1 thousand views. This makes it clear that YouTube isn’t that much of an easy deal -and of course, no magic is at work here. You have to put enough hard work and creativity to make it big.

Let’s dig it out more and learn how YouTube pays these Vloggers.

YouTube Partner Program

If you are wondering how to make money by making YouTube videos then YPP (YouTube Partner Program) is your best buddy. 

What is the YouTube Partner Program?

YouTube partner program is a scheme to monetize your YouTube channel’s content in various ways -i.e. allowing the website to place advertisements in your videos, paid subscriptions, and merchandise. In simple words, it is the easiest way to earn money on this platform in correspondence with your views. 

YouTube Monetization Policy 2019

YouTube updates its YouTube Partner Program joining rules every year. Last year, YouTube considered only channels with 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time for last 12 month for monetization. Howbeit, the policy has been upgraded to 4000 subscribers and 10000 hours of watch time this year. 

How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel?

Well, we won’t go into the hows of this whole process because everything has already been explained in an already published article, YouTube Monetization & Partner Program in Urdu/Hindi. 

However, for a fact, it really is super-easy to start with YPP.  You only need a few clicks to enable the option of monetization. Furthermore, signing up for an Adsense account is as much easier -with only 2 days for your Adsense account to start working. 

It’s not too late for you even; let us share about some of the top Pakistani YouTubers who are currently creating top-notch content on YouTube.

Top 10 Pakistani Youtubers For Inspiration 

Taking years getting over the ban and censorship, YouTube has finally won over Pakistan too. This largest content creation platform has given birth to many of Pakistani social celebrities who are quite enjoying the popularity and a steady income. 

Here we are with a list of top 10 Pakistani YouTube Channels from various niches that are must to consider for anyone who is interested in vlogging. 

Xeetechcare (Tech)             

Subscribers: 1,270,065 

Zaryab Khan, aka “The Smartphone Guy” is one of the most popular “mobile and technology review” channel globally. This 23-year-old has posted more than 3500 videos comprising of his unique and honest reviews to quirky and fun experiments that are always a total hit. Whether you are planning to buy a new cell phone or just up to watching some ridiculous tech experiment, Xeetechcare is the right place for you. 

OnlineUstaad (e-Learning platform)

Subscribers: 122,741   

One of the best Pakistani YouTube channels that is a whole academy in itself. With a mission to help everyone hone their skills in this digital world, Online Ustaad has many courses with simple and easy-to-understand content. 

Whether you are looking to self teach yourself some tech skills or trying to start your own online business, this channel is your place to go to.  

Video Wali Sarkar (Tech)

Subscribers: 700,463  

Being a tech enthusiast since childhood, Bilal Munir -the guy behind YouTube channel, Video Wali Sarkar- saved what little he had to buy gadgets of his dream and put some review videos on YouTube for only the kicks. Little did he know that he can rise to fame so quickly and efficiently. 

From tech product reviews to teaching assembly language programming, we reckon you can definitely find a number of useful videos on his channel.

Food Fusion (Food)

Subscribers: 1,594,024  

The only Pakistani channel to make it in “the top 100 YouTube food channels in the world” list, Food Fusion is the perfect answer to all your cooking problems. With the help of only 5-minutes cooking videos, you can become the best chef to collect all the praises from your family. The recipe videos on this channel are the easiest to follow, quick to make, and interesting enough to try them out asap.

Village Food Secrets (Food)

Subscribers: 1,279,944 

Want to try out some mango kulfi? Although this delicacy sounds unique, with Village Food Secrets you won’t only get the sudden food cravings but will be able to make it at your own home in only a few minutes. 

Sharing the awesome ancestral recipes, Mubashir Siddiqui is our social star who rose to fame in only three years. He is all about trying out different village foods to hotel dishes. The simplicity, with which he presents his recipes makes us all fall in love with his YouTube channel. 

Kitchen with Amna (Food)

Subscribers: 2,288,834 

The first Pakistani YouTuber to cross 1 million subscribers, Amna is definitely a booming social sensation having almost 800 food recipe videos on her channel. Be that you are salivating over some Green Chicken Karahi or wanting to try out Pizza Bread Rolls, Kitchen with Amna can definitely assist you in cooking-to-impress. 

ZaidAliT (Comedy)

Subscribers: 1,793,936 

If you have seen his brown people videos and not found it relatable, I might have to question your sanity. Living in abroad, Zaid Ali still is the most relatable YouTuber ever. You can just not roll on the floor laughing watching his hilarious videos. Not only that but the YouTube star has now married and have managed to rope his wife and mother in most of his videos -and this has doubled charm, for sure.

P4 Pakao (Comedy)

Subscribers: 2,568,346

The largest independent channel in Pakistan, P4 Pakao by Nadir Ali sure is a treat for melancholic minds. He was the first Pakistani YouTuber to receive YouTuve’s gold and silver play button, along with the first Pakistani to cross 2 million in a jiffy. 

Ever since starting his channel in 2016, he has now posted 353 videos. He mostly covers witty and hilarious pranks in his videos that are appreciated even across the border. Yes, many Bollywood celebrities have gone to Twitter to praise our local social star.

Mooroo (Comedy + Art)

Subscribers: 652,245

Taimoor Salahuddin can easily be dubbed as the most talented Pakistani YouTuber. This know-it-all is not only a comedian but is an avid writer, composer, singer, actor, and sketcher. We are quite sure that whatever comes in your mind, he might be an expert in it too. 

From making a name as an all-rounder entertainer to being nominated for Lux Style Awards for his first studio album, “Pehli”, Moroo is a complete quality package who will never allow you to be bored to death.

Skills & Tools Required To Start YouTube Vlogging

Now as we know all about the top YouTube stars, let’s talk about some essential tools and skills that you will be needing to make your vlogging career a success.

From setting some goals to practicing your vlogging skills, YouTube is not going to be an easy job. You’ll have to learn many of the editing and video making tools to present the best outlook to your subscribers. In short, to reap everything well, put in enough hard work and you will be on your way to triumph. 

Important Skills For Vlogging

Following are some of the skills you will be needing to learn to make it huge as a social artist.

  • Content Research:

Coming up with new video ideas is compulsory to remain a hit and it’s not possible if you don’t know what’s going on in the world. Hone your content researching skills and enjoy making new content.

  • Video Editing: 

Trust me, you can’t hire a tech team or even some individual to edit your videos. The cost will be out of bounds, especially in the beginning. So start investing your time in learning some video editing skills and it will save you a great deal.

  • Promoting:

Promoting yourself as a vlogger is much essential. You can either go to social media like Twitter and Facebook to put in some good words for your new videos or monetize your content with metadata and add few keywords to have access to a larger number of people. You can even do in-video promotion with the help of some pop-ups in your video asking people to like, share, and subscribe.

Important Tools & Equipment For Vlogging 

Getting appropriate tools asap is a way to start any new work. From setting a good camera and few audio accessories for video shooting to getting all your video making and editing software straight, you will need all the help you can get.

Here are some of the equipment you need to buy before getting started with YouTube.

  • Camera (Camcorder, Webcam, Action Camera, or DSLR)
  • Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Microphone (USB Microphone, Condenser Microphone, Shotgun Microphone, or Lapel Microphone)
  • Lighting (Soft Box, Umbrella Light, Ring Light, or On-Camera Lighting)

Some good video making, editing, and marketing tools are as follows.

  • TubeBuddy
  • Social Blade
  • YouTube Studio
  • Woobox
  • Bitly


Starting and keeping your channel can be some real hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun while you make good money. Make a schedule and plan everything ahead, along with keeping an eye out for some solid stats. Moreover, practice your skills to develop confidence and don’t forget to market yourself along the way. With this detailed blog on “Make Money By Making YouTube Videos” we expect things will become easy for all to start earning. 

I hope now you are all equipped and ready to sail your YouTube channel. We wish you the best of luck!

And yes, if you have any questions, we are only a comment away.